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Read this article and learn all about branding including what a brand is, how to build a unique brand identity, and the branding elements!

A brand is a term, name, design, symbol or a mix of these elements used by a business company to identify it or its products or services as unique and different from others. The brand acts as a signal and identity, delivering various messages to the market and target clientele.

Having your own brand is really important. Your target customers will be able to recognize you and you will be able to take your business company to the next level. Brand identity is in some way the identity of your brand. It is the characteristics and features as seen by the market and your potential customers. Every company has its own brand identity, even though some are more subtle and sophisticated and others are more direct and too much in-your-face.

It is essential for the success of the brand to have a well-supported and solid brand identity as it helps the target market and the clientele to relate to that brand. You need to understand that people are emotional beings, so if you want your products to appeal and be attracted by certain customers, the brand identity must provide relevant characteristics and features that are favorable and pleasing to them.

There are 5 dimensions of brand personality including:

  1. Sincerity – genuine, comfortable, honest, and down-to-earth
  2. Excitement – adrenaline stimulating, fun, and sporting
  3. Competence – trustworthy, intelligent, reliable, and successful
  4. Sophistication – cultures, posh, upper class, and charming
  5. Ruggedness – strong, tough, powerful, and outdoorsy

The best way to establish and promote a brand identity is to describe the characteristics that pop up to your mind. These characteristics should be relevant and suitable to your target customers so they can relate to your brand.

The branding elements are known as physical identifiers of the brand, for example, colors, design, font, images, name, spacing, shaping, and etc. You need to remember that consistency is the key. You need to determine your traits and must be consistent with the features and characteristics you want to present.

Customers are pretty intuitive, meaning brand identity and all related branding elements must be planned appropriately to make sure they all sync in a way that the correct messages are being easily and successfully interpreted and understood by the market and target audience.