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The Most Common Challenges of Visual Merchandising and How to Resolve Them

Are there any challenges visual merchandisers face today? Read this article and discover the most common barriers of visual merchandising and how to resolve them!

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A good visual merchandising strategy can result in reduced shrinkage, increased staff productivity, and increased sales which lead to increased profit. But, coming up with the right visual strategy is not the easiest job in the world. It is actually a pretty demanding task for most retail stores and business owners. Why?

Well, sometimes, visual merchandisers face different challenges. The constant development of new technologies and products, the constant change in consumer preference and needs, the lack of display space all add to the competitive and challenging business environment or visual merchandisers.

but first of all it is essential that you understand all the concepts of merchandising in order to start with the right foot in this subject, for more information, click here.

What are the most common challenges or obstacles visual merchandisers face these days?

The aggressive characteristics of the target marketplace is one of the most common challenges that visual merchandisers face these days. The changing of customer behavior, customer preference, customer wishes, and demands, make it pretty hard for them to maintain consistency and to make improvements.

Here are a few of the barriers of visual merchandising:

  • Limited display space – The truth is that it is pretty difficult to run and manage a limited store space with a large range of products such as soaps, skincare, cosmetics, detergents, and etc.
  • Too much new merchandise – New items are being created every single day, which is great for the buyers as they have more products to choose from but it is a nightmare for the visual merchandisers who are in charge of finding proper display place for all new products.
  • Loss prevention and theft – Sometimes a theft can happen in supermarkets and stores during a daylight. This is a huge problem visual merchandisers and retail establishments face and those equipped with tracking devices and security cameras are possible victims as well. There are no exceptions when it comes to loss prevention and theft. The only thing every merchandiser should do is to make sure their window display is secured, as well as, the products presented.
  • Conflicting interests of staff, visual merchandisers, and top management – Usually, the decision as to where the items are showcased is determined by the supplier, as well as, the top management. The visual merchandisers sometimes cannot make this decision. This is the problem because what visual merchandiser sees or imagines as appropriate could be challenging for others to see or imagine as well. The conflicting interests usually result in lack of cooperation and coordination.
  • Supplier demand – We all know that competing suppliers want their items presented in the most popular or prominent position in the shop. This sometimes can be a problem as there are items that require a considerable amount of space and there are items that require a place that allows customer view from different angles. It is challenging to create a flexibility and come to an agreement with suppliers, especially when large items such as electric appliances, furniture, home improvement tools are included.

So, what can you do? How to resolve these visual merchandising challenges? You can Study your target market and clientele well to identify their exact product preference, you can ensure high-value products are prioritized in the window display process, you can group products according to size, model, and make to allow easy and smooth display, you can make use of a planogram to determine the challenge of new product flow into your niche, showcase less amount of each item (especially slow-moving items) to make sure you showcase the maximum amount of items possible, and you can create an illusion of window display with fewer items that appear to be more.


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